Do you read between the wines?

Everything has been said about wine, but not by me. The world of wine is amazing and so vast and is made of fascinating people. 

Read Between the Wines is a podcast about wine, but more about the people who made this world so unique. Winemakers, sommeliers, wine critics and more.

I want to share with you my passion about wine, about the people and their beloved terroir.

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episode 2 & 3: the dirty dozen - myths about wine

wine ratings


wine rating

expensive wine


expensive wine

old wines


old wines

cork vs. screw-cap


cork vs. screw-cap

smelling the cork


smelling the cork




About the host


my story

I don’t know why, but it’s always important for me to establish that I am not a wine expert. I have too much respect for the sommeliers and winemakers of this world to use a “fake label”. Passionate about wine? You bet. I’ve been drinking and reading and talking about wine for over 30 years. Wine is a very important piece of my life and I’m extremely lucky as my wife shares this passion with me.

I love wine and I love food, but it’s the story behind it that captivated me for so long – the winemakers, the sommeliers, the collectors, the wine lovers always have great stories to share… and this is the reason behind this Podcast project.

Born & raised in Quebec City, Canada, I was raised in a home where food and wine was important and a lifestyle. French influence was predominant. With my wife Patricia & our 10-year old daughter Sofia, I have called Toronto home for over 20 years.

I spend my career in business – talking to people about business, about results, about numbers – wine brings the best out of people – maybe for obvious reasons, but people are always passionate about their favourites wines.

My goal is to share great stories – learn and share this knowledge with you. Wine should be fun & accessible to everyone (legal age of course!)… I hope you will enjoy my journey and my Podcast.


Favourite Wine

Burgundy, Rhône, Languedoc. I also love northern Spain, Pinot Noir from Oregon and very crisp & mineral whites from the iconic Loire Valley. 


favourite food & cheeses

Cassoulet, Bouillabaisse, Seabass, Ribeye, rack of Lamb, wood oven Pizza… and I can go on and on…

As for cheeses,   

Goat cheeses from Loire Valley such as Pouligny St-Pierre, Sainte-Maure de Touraine, Valencay. Also, Comté, Crémeux de Jura, Bleu des Basques, Mimolette and so much more... 

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