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Simon J. Woolf, award-winning author of Amber Revolution, founder & editor of The Morning Claret.

"Pierre Ferland & his Read Between the Wines Podcast curates one of the most in-depth, serious wine podcasts I've so far come across. I'm hugely impressed with how carefully he researches his interview subjects, everything he does in fact. This is real quality content that's a pleasure to listen to, while being seriously educational to boot. I really enjoyed the session we recorded together, and I tip my hat to Pierre for wanting to deal with the subject of orange wines in detail."


Pier-Alexis Soulière, Master Sommelier - 2019 Best Sommelier of the Americas & world top-10 sommelier.

"Pierre Ferland is a Gentleman. Fanatic about wine and business but above all: people. He cares, he shares and he’s not scare. Bringing context to a complex subject that what’s Pierre is all about. Wine is simple, you just got to Read Between The Wines. Chapeau!"


Martin Malivoire Wine

 "I can’t overstate Pierre’s valuable role as a skillful interviewer and raconteur. Read Between the Wines is shining a light on the authenticity of a lesser-known corner of the wine industry by uncovering its stories, which are just as fascinating as, and fresher than, those oft-repeated ones from longer-established regions.  

I appreciate how this podcast look beyond the obvious and, through intriguing, insightful dialogue, reveal what, and why, we Canadian wine entrepreneurs do what we do.  Importantly, Pierre does so in endearing and entertaining way that finds and keeps an audience.  

Pierre and his podcast completing the big picture, so keep up your fine work; your infectious enthusiasm will inspire others to discover the depth of Ontario wines beyond the scores."


Sue-Ann Staff

"Pierre's Read Between The Wines is an empathetic sensation - a gorgeous and talented podcaster. He brings clear and vivid visuals to audio – you literally see what he is saying - a true gift!  As someone that was featured in his podcast, he made my experience fun and comfortable. 

We connected like two long lost friends although we had never previously met.  Pierre’s enjoyable, comfortable and relatable persona shines throughout his podcasts and makes them a delight to listen to." 


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