From Angelo Pavan at Cave Spring

"Pierre’s Read Between The Wines Podcast is a must listen to for anyone who wants to really understand how the current generation of Niagara winemakers are exploring the limits of what they can do with Niagara terroir.

Pierre is a master interviewer who manages to get the winemakers to really open up and talk about what drives them in producing the different types of wines. Anyone listening to the podcasts will gain a better insight into the diverse and fascinating wines of Niagara and hopefully will further their enjoyment of these special wines. "

From Mackenzie Brisbois at Trail Estate

"Working with Pierre and Read Between the Wines was really a great experience as he was very professional and genuinely interested in wine, especially Ontario."

From Rob Power at Creekside Winery

"The cool thing about doing the Read Between the Wines podcast is that it’s like having a casual but in-depth wine-focussed conversation between friends. Yes, there are professional mics etc., but Pierre’s preparation and attitude make it easy to relax and let the ideas flow."

From Shauna White at Adamo Winery

"My experience with the Read Between the Wines podcast was fantastic! From the planning to the final product, Pierre’s approach was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

He was committed to providing interesting, entertaining content and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. It was such a fun experience! "

From Louise Engel from Featherstone Estate Winery

“Pierre brings a refreshing professionalism to his work and the quality of the recordings that he’s produced is impressive. Pierre’s natural curiosity and approachability ensure that he’s a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail means that he gets his facts right. Pierre does his research but doesn’t let himself get in the way—he  has a keen intuition about how to allow a good story to unfold and then he allows his guests to do just that. “ 

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